The Right Real Estate Relationship

Would an “Uber” real estate agent really work? Find out from a first time home buyer just how important the right relationship is!

“The right relationship is vital.” 

Brian Alber sat down with Pat Slack to discuss the home buying process from his own point of view. Brian has lived in the Kearney area for over 7 years and recently purchased his first home. As a first time home buyer, he said having the right relationship with a real estate agent is vital! Pat was there to answer questions and make sure his needs were met throughout the entire process.

“I couldn’t imagine anything less than that for such an enormous purchase.” 

But could an “uber” real estate agent work? Brian went on to say that he can’t imagine hurrying the process and not having a relationship with a Realtor. With purchasing a home being such a large purchase, he would not be comfortable sacrificing a good connection for an “uber” real estate agent.